Accept Payments Of All Kinds Now

Available on App Store and Google Play Store, download BluPay onto your smart device and receive payments directly to your bank account.

Accept All Major Cards


Accept All Major Cards

Track Sales

Track Sales


Receive Mobile Money


Receive Mobile Money

Generate eReceipts

Generate eReceipts

Receive MOMO Payments

Simply receive momo payments from customers with just the BluPay pop up

1: Select the mobile money option.
2: The merchant inputs the customer's mobile money number.
3: The merchant inserts the amount payable.
4: Customer inserts mobile money credentials.
5: Merchant receives a successful payment via the BluPay App.

Receive Card Payments

Simply receive card payment via tap, swipe and insert to pay.

1. Ready your card reader device.
2. Swipe card
3.Customer approves transaction by typing in the PIN on the POS machine.
Generate a payment link to send via SMS, Whatsapp, or email and receive money directly to your account.

Paying Bills

The BluPay app is integrated with local utility platforms so merchants can pay bills directly from their bank accounts via the app and even attract customers by providing access to buy their airtime, pay for DSTV, GWCL and many other bills in their shop , via the app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my transaction went through?

An e-receipt is generated for every transaction.

How long does it take for transactions to reflect in my account?

Next day!

Can I link the BluPay app with my cash machine?

Yes. Our ShopKeeper application is a sales management tool that issues invoices for cash, mobile money, and card payments.

Can I do both Mobile Money and Card payments on the same app?

Yes the BluPay app allows you to take both MoMo and Card payments from a single app. A receipt is stored on the app for every transaction for easy reconciliation.

What does it take to become a BluPay merchant?​

Simply complete the registration form on this website and we will set you up. Its that simple.

Who is a BluPay merchant?

Any person who needs to collect payments for their goods and services and wants to be able to accept both card and mobile money payments.

Do I need a card machine to download the app?

No, you do not, however, it is recommended. The card machine is used for in-store card payments. However, if you already have a POS, you can use our sales and inventory management application, ShopKeeper with it.

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The Blu Penguin; Digital Disruptors provide convenient, secure, all-inclusive digital payment solutions to transaction based businesses. Our goal is to integrate all touchpoints that involve your products and/or service with the market access by fostering ease of transaction and management.

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