The Blu Penguin


This document provides details of integration with TheBluPenguin for Merchants. The process for Payment using is very simple, Merchants need to post-transaction data to TheBluPenguin TMS, and processing of the payment will be carried out by TheBluPenguin.
All the URLs mentioned in the document are relative to the base URL.

The BaseURL for testing Interpay is http://localhost:9003/blupenguin/tms

Payment Processing will be handled by TheBluPenguin Servers. Merchants can send a request to the TMS with required data and in response TMS will provide a payment Token. Merchants will then redirect to TheBluPenguin with this Token for processing of the payment.

Redirect to TheBluPenguin using redirect_url parameter received in Response.

Once the client pays the transaction amount, TheBluPenguin will intimate the merchants about the details of the successful transaction. Merchant must provide a callback URL that takes following parameters for TheBluPenguin to send feedback to merchant after payment processing.